Anzac Day – MAY 9

Townsville country music artist Jade Holland’s Anzac Day was one to remember, as she was invited to spend it with troops in the Middle East.

Anzac Day

After celebrating the successful launch of her debut album in 2015, Holland visited defence personnel in Israel for her second tour of the Middle East last month. Holland, who first performed for troops in Afghanistan in 2014, said that this second tour was made all the more special by coinciding with Anzac Day.

“The Anzac Day service in Jerusalem was amazing. Never in a million years did I think I would be in the Middle East sharing in the Anzac Day commemorations of the United Nations and our Australian Army personnel,” Holland said.

“We toured Israel for nine days, performing at Camp Ziouani, the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force office in Tiberius, and at the United Nations Headquarters in Jerusalem. I was lucky enough to not just perform for our own defence force and the United Nations, but for troops from New Zealand, Ireland, India, Fiji and Nepal.”

Holland said that while the tour went nowhere near the frontline, it was humbling and inspiring to see the courage and sacrifice made by all service men and women deployed overseas.

“We were really well received, everyone had a great time at our shows. Talking to everyone serving there and hearing about their families at home and the people that they were doing this for was really special.”

“The trip as a whole was an amazing experience. Being there for Anzac Day was unbelievable, all the areas we visited were so welcoming and Israel as a whole has so much to offer – it was an incredible tour!”

Holland will also be announcing the launch of her latest single, Good Day, in the coming week.