Well beautiful people! Its all happening this weekend! 3 BIG THINGS! 

1. Starting this FRIDAY with the release of my brand new single OH MY HEART! You can click this link https://ingrv.es/oh-my-heart-3kg-e to pre-save and be one of the first to hear it and in turn help me get to the top of the charts by pre-saving it on iTunes! Pretty Please! 

2. The OH MY HEART Tour starts this Saturday at the Exchange Hotel, Kilcoy from 8pm & Sunday at the Gem Hotel, Alberton with Wendy Matthews! So if you are looking for something to do come out and hear some new music and hang out with us! 

And 3. We still have a small amount of merchandise left so don’t miss out, jump on to the website now and purchase yours today in time for Christmas!  https://jadeholland.com/shop/

Thanks so much for the support beautiful people! We are so close! Can’t wait to share this with you all!

J xx