New Album on the Way

Jade Holland in the studio in Nashville.

Local country music artist Jade Holland has returned to Australia after writing and recording her second album in the music capital of the world.

After performing three shows for the troops in Iraq, Holland spent three weeks learning from the best in the business in Nashville, which she said was a dream come true.

“Getting to create music in Nashville was an experience out of this world – it’s been my dream for as long as I can remember and now that it’s happened, I don’t even have words,” Holland said.

“I had 18 songs ready to piece an album together before I even hopped on the plane, but then got over there and inspiration just started flowing: together with some co-writers, we created an entire album in three weeks.”

“Phil Barton is a friend of mine who is an Australian singer-songwriter living in Nashville. Earlier this year I had a car accident, and he commented that if I was in Nashville at the time, which was the initial plan, then the accident would have never happened. So that got the ball rolling, I spoke to some sponsors who had all said they were interested in helping to fund my trip over there, and everything just fell into place. I was so lucky and am so grateful for every little opportunity I had while I was over there.

“Nashville is an incredibly magical city that leads you to believe anything is possible. I went over there with the sole mission of writing and recording my album, so didn’t organise any performances, but Phil got me up on my second night there to perform a song we had written – so to get there and live the dream of playing in that city, even if it was just for that three minutes and 45 seconds, was beyond my wildest dreams.”

While in Nashville, Jade wrote and recorded with Phil Barton, Bruce Wallace, Brian White, Sinead Burgess, Emma-Lee, and Anthony Snape (Snape also co-wrote songs on Holland’s previous album, Leather & Les Paul).

“This entire trip was amazing and I’ll never forget it: I know I can go back whenever I want, but feel like first impressions are everything and my first impression was mind-blowing. It’s just been one of those opportunities that makes you realise that everything bad in your life can fade away in a single moment, and you can always find that reason to be happy and fight for what you’re passionate about.”