China – NOV 16


Following the October release of her debut album, Leather & Les Paul, Australian country music artist Jade Holland kicked off a ten day tour of China as an Ambassador for her hometown, Townsville.

During the trip, the ambitious singer-songwriter – whose single Woh-Oh hit the Kix Country Top 20 earlier this year – played four shows, reaching audience numbers in the millions.

“The Foshan Autumn Colour Festival was amazing – we played to a crowd of 1 million, and the show was broadcast live to more than 7 million viewers across China, plus we were the first international act to ever play in this Festival; it was extremely humbling and such an unforgettable experience,” said Holland.

During the trip, Holland and her band also performed to 700 people at Changshu University, 800 students at the Foshan Middle School, and at the Artscape Garden – which the city of Townsville donated to the Changu Lake Scenic Area Gardens.

“We were absolutely mobbed by the crowd after every show,” Holland said.

“In China, they have small streams of pop music, but it’s mostly traditional, folky music that is listened to. Even our instruments are different to what they’re used to, I think it was a thrill for them to hear something so new.

“It was great to take country music to a whole new audience and to see how my own material could overcome the language barrier,” said Holland.

Holland said that, despite some small communication barriers and some interesting food options, it was an unbelievable experience.

“It was a wonderful cultural experience to have the opportunity to visit China – we got to see some beautiful places, and braved some very different food from what I’m used to. We were also interviewed by Radio Foshan, which was a challenge considering I don’t know a lick of Cantonese and the presenter knew no English!”

Holland arrived back in Australia last week, and has continued travelling and performing to promote her newly-released album, Leather & Les Paul.

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